Sound card does not work properly under Ubuntu, was OK under Kubuntu

P G tungarbulb at
Sun Jan 7 20:46:57 UTC 2007

I recently switched from Kubuntu to Ubuntu for a
number of reasons.

When using ANY audio or video application, sound ONLY
comes from the left channel. I have checked all
connections and all sound hardware (a SONY stereo
receiver with two Minimus-7 loudspeakers). Everything
is normal.

My sound card is an M-Audio Delta 410.

With a previous installation of KUBUNTU linux, the
sound card performed normally.

This computer uses one of two IDE hard drives, both of
which are in removable plastic caddies, one containing
Ubuntu Linux, the other containing Windows 98SE. IOW,
when one HD is inserted, the box is a Linux box, when
the other one is put in place, the box is a Windows
98SE box. 

When the WIN98SE HD is put in place, the sound card
performs normally.

The last time I installed updates to Ubuntu Linux was
on 4-JAN-07.

Platform  	1 Ghz PIII, 256 MB of RAM, 80 GB HD
Ubuntu Linux (Gnome)(Dapper Drake?)
OS Version 	6.06 LTS

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