bye to ubuntu + many thanks

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Sun Jan 7 19:25:19 UTC 2007

Anthony M Simonelli wrote:

> Are you saying you're going to use OpenSuse instead of Ubuntu?   I
> couldn't leave the Debian based distros.  If I were ever to leave
> Ubuntu, it would be for Debian.  I just like running a current desktop
> and current Gnome, which Ubuntu provides.
> On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 10:19 -0500, Julian Alarcon wrote:
>> JEJE, and I chose Ubuntu 3 Months ago upper Opensuse.. JEJEJE..

Yes, this is what I am saying. JEJEJE ;-)

Well, I am really sad to have to leave Ubuntu, but there are reasons pro and
-I do not like the Novell/MS agreement
-I learned to prefer apt/aptitude way over rpm
-I found Kubuntu to have a much better polished KDE than OpenSUSE has to

on the other hand:
-From (K;X)Ubuntu 5.04, the 16bit PCMCIA ethernet cards on my two old (very
old) test laptops were never working. I spend nights and days to do it,
following every forum and every post I could get my hands on and the best I
could get was: they are initialised but it does not work. This is even more
trouble since any other distro I used from OpenSuSE to Kubuntu to
DamnSmallLinux to... supports this out of the box. And: I need it!

-From Edgy on, my soundblaster Audigy LS suddenly did not have sound
anymore. I spent nights and days, following every ubuntu post and the
excellent ubuntu sound guide on the wicki. Again this led to nothing but no
avail. Again, any other distro I tried, you may imagine it.... 

Now I
-have a job to do and can not afford to spend ages with things that "are
supposed to work" for years, but somehow do not work on Ubuntu.
-I am not prepared to invest into buying new hardware, as long as I can do
with what I have. Admitteldly this sort of suspends me from modern OSes but
this is what I can live with, as long as there are "modern" OSes that work. 
-my children threatened to go to windows, since they need sound to play
their games.
As I want them to stay on Linux as much as I can, this is not what I can
live with.

So it was not a big deal, and actually nothing to really worry about, but
for me it was the reason to change.

And just to be clear: With all it's disadvantages that I do not deny, the
things I need most and (kind of) expect to be "simply there" work very well
with OpenSuSE.

Again, I am not saying that I it is reasonable to expect anything from an OS
that I did not pay for. but apparently in my case, another Linux works
better and supports my immediate very basic needs much better.

Kind regards and keep up the good work

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