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> Marco Mandl writes:
> > I can't get evolution to work with my IMAP server. I want to see what's
> > actually happening. So I want to monitor / log the detailed traffic on a
> > certain port - some sort of sniffing.
> You can use ngrep[1]. For example the following shows what is
> happening when I read your message headers from my news server. You
> can adjust host and port to match your IMAP host and port to get the
> information you want.
> # ngrep -d any host and port 119
> interface: any
> filter: (ip or ip6) and ( host and port 119 )
> #

As far as sniffing goes, there are two tools that I know of for the job...
one is Wireshark and the other is tcpdump.  Wireshark is a GUI and tcpdump
is a command line tool.  Look in the repos.  Happy sniffing.

Danny Colligan
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