pf in ubuntu

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Sun Jan 7 10:57:28 UTC 2007


Am 05.01.2007 um 17:26 schrieb Adam Durity:

> I recently attended a talk on pf, the OpenBSD packet filter.  Being  
> quite
> intrigued, I am wondering if there has been any work on a port to  
> ubuntu
> or GNU/Linux.

I don't think that anyone works on this, I vaguely remember that I  
read somewhere that there are licensing issues (BSD Licensce vs. GNU  

> Additionally, does anyone know of a good pf vs. iptables
> vs. <insert firewall method of your choice here> discussion, or have a
> particular rant they need to express?  My eyes are open.

Nope, but my personal rant is that I hate iptables for it's syntax.  
pf has a human readable syntax and also a config file instead of  
single commands on the command line.

And please don't recommend me any shorewall or a alike stuff I'm  
talking about the plain firewall implented in the kernel and it's  
native user space tool.


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