a request for a deb package

MICHAEL WEAVER michaelweaver1 at btinternet.com
Sun Jan 7 08:13:52 UTC 2007

Does anyone have a .deb package of Network Manager they can send me?
I ask because I won't be able to connect my laptop to a network until 
February as my LUG meeting fell on the 1st of January and nobody attends 
on a New Year and with me being Totally Blind it isn't practical to get 
to where I normally connect to the wireless network?
I had a brief look at the source file of Network Manager and there are 
quite a lot of files in the archive so I am not sure how risky trying to 
install it would be and don't know if I might need any commands which 
might not be specific to the basic installation instructions which I 
think I might have found in the Install.txt although I was looking for a 
readme file for it which was why I couldn't find a text file for 
installation at the time.

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