building from sources

MICHAEL WEAVER michaelweaver1 at
Sun Jan 7 01:45:57 UTC 2007

When you build an application from source, do you always make install?
I ask because I am hoping to attempt to install Network Manager on my 
Laptop so I can get my Wired broadband connection to BT working until I 
can make progress installing Ubuntu Edgy on my Desktop PC.
I have downloaded a .tgz file of Network Manager so when I run the 
archive Manager to extract it do I need to make install it in order to 
build it?
If I had both computers working under Linux I would apt-get install 
network-manager to get the file which might be an easier option only 
that option is not available to me with my desktop machine only running 
Windows XP and my laptop only havving a wireless connection to where my 
LUG meets so my card is just set up for there as I don't have a wireless 
Router which is why I am wanting to get my laptop connected to my BT 
Broadband connection by switching my BT Voyager MODEM from my desktop to 
my laptop.

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