Any news on Evolution and LDAP

Anthony M Simonelli a.simonelli at
Sat Jan 6 22:34:23 UTC 2007

Bug number 70026 at brings up a good point that has
already been filed with Bugzilla.  The LDAP address book in Evolution
does not bring up the entire list from an LDAP server unless a search is
performed.  This is fine with me, but I have other users who are unsure
as to everyone they want to send an email to and would like to use the
"To:" button to select their LDAP address book and select users from the

I was wondering if anyone had any workarounds that gives me a nice list
of all LDAP contacts quickly and easily when using the LDAP address book
from the composer window, or if anyone knew if the developers were going
to add that feature for a entire LDAP contact lookup.  Thanks!
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