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Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at
Sat Jan 6 22:18:21 UTC 2007

Trevor Nye wrote:

> Go back to the store you bought the machine from and ask for the cost
> of the windows software be returned. In the UK the store is deemed to
> be responsible.

Hadn't even considered something like that. Interesting suggestion.

Anyone know if there's any similar US policy/precedent? It's a WalMart
purchase. What can I say, they're cheap and I knew what I was looking
for. I understand WalMart can be picky about even "normal" software

Some preliminary Googling is leaving me muddling around in an ocean of
irrelevant information, links to the aforementioned "normal" software
return policy, and bad news like this...

Ironic, because we're also talking Toshiba here.

I wonder if it's even worth the hassle of trying, for the $50 they'd
probably claim my copy of Windows was worth? I agree wholeheartedly
with the principal, I was never a fan of Microsoft and software
industry politics even when I used MS and MS-centric products full time.
But the chances of success leave me feeling like I would get just as
much satisfaction out of just giving it away to someone who might
actually use it.

Or... maybe I should box it up with a pro-feshonel looking NET 10
invoice for the $86 I can buy XP for off the shelf and mail it direct
to Toshiba America. Wait two weeks, then turn it over for collection.

<evil grin>

> # I have zero clues whether it's Toshiba-laptop-centric or not, but
> I've got # a still shrink wrapped, 2-CD-set copy of Windows XP "Media
> Center Edition" # (whatever the hell that is) laying around here
> somewhere if anyone is # interested. ;-)

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