[off topic] netpanzer game servers on ubuntu

bailux linux rbailux at yahoo.com.br
Sat Jan 6 16:40:09 UTC 2007

helo all,
I need help to edit config netpanzer file on server,

I have this tutorial but do not know how open and edit
file on ubuntu.
thanks for help

We had some problems with the masterservers lately.
Some IPs have changed. New servers were added,... .

In short, you have to tell the new IPs to your
netpanzer installation. Dont be frightened, its easy!

First you have to open you user directory. On
Unix/Linux systems its easy, just open ~/ . Windows
(NT,2000,XP) users open the Workplace and double klick
the drive with their Windows installation. Then open
the folder "Documents and Settings". After that you
have to open the folder with your user name.

Goto the .netpanzer dir. Then open the config dir.

After that you have to open netpanzer.ini with your
prefered text editor. Locate the line beginning with
replace the line with

Save the file.
best wishes

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