Pixma MP 800 drivers?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Sat Jan 6 12:16:23 UTC 2007

David B Teague wrote:

> NoOp wrote:
>> David B Teague wrote:
>>> I am looking at a Canon Pixma MP800 "all in one" printer/scanner/copier.
>>> <snip>
>>> I have found "Turboprint" which provides free of cost, non-free drivers
>>> for many printer and combination devices at
>>> http://www.turboprint.de/english.html
>>> <snip> Does anyone have experience with Turboprint? <snip>
>> Very nice printer, but unfortunately Cannon hasn't gotten on the Linux
>> bandwagon yet so you'll find no support from them.
>> The Turboprint drivers are only free for demo. To run the printer you'll
>> need to purchase the Turboprint license. It is well worth it & I
>> *highly* recommend it - it will be the best EUR 29.95 (approx. US$ 39)
>> you spend on your printer.
>> After you install your licensed version of Turboprint you'll want to
>> scan with your printer; for that I recommend:
>> http://home.arcor.de/wittawat/pixma/ubuntu-howto.html
>> [How to install Sane driver for Canon Pixma Scanner on Ubuntu 6.06 LST
>> Dapper - I think that this should work in Edgy as well, if not drop
>> Wittawat Yamwong a note & I'm sure he'll help you get it working]
>> Also be sure to read:
>> http://home.arcor.de/wittawat/pixma/
>> Note that there is no support for film scanning (yet)
>> Then install XSANE and Gimp & off you go.
>> G. Lee
>> Cannon Pixma MP750 w/Turboprint (licensed)
> Thanks.
> I was under the impression that Turboprint drivers were free for
> continued use by an individual not doing commercial work. From what you
> say that is incorrect. I don't mind spending $40 for drivers, and your
> advice helps me to believe that device is the way to go. I have a
> Visioneer scanner for which there is no Linux support, and a well worn
> HP laserjet 6L. There are several well worn printers sitting around that
> my (now deceased) wife used and knew how to make
> work. I look forward to Ubuntu and this multifunction printer etc.
> Warmest Regards
> David Teague
Hi David,

alternatively you could go for a HP Multifunction Device. 

For long HP is the only company offering REAL Linux Support for their

If interested, have a look around here:

kind regards

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