what to use instead of skype?

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Sat Jan 6 10:17:52 UTC 2007

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Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> Please correct me if you find something different:
> * Ekiga is the only app supporting video conferencing on linux with much
> success.
> * Ekiga supports h323 like all the apps listed here:
> http://www.openh323.org/h323_clients.html
> It actually sounds like you can get it working with (good) old MS
> Netmeeting! They've all got that in windows, at least up to XP.
> http://ze-dinosaur.livejournal.com/14389.html
> So it sounds like you can get Ekiga to talk to one of them. I'd like to
> get the same issue resolved, and I have Windows XP running, so we can
> try each other until we get the setting right - if you'd like.

    Yeah, as GnomeMeeting (before the name change) it was completely
compatible with NetMeeting.  Well, with one exception: The MS folks
couldn't SEE you on their lists; it was a marketting move to keep
contenders from "stealing the crown" of this emerging technology.

    'Cause that's what the monopoly-guy does.

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