e-mail server for intranet

Joris Dobbelsteen Joris at familiedobbelsteen.nl
Fri Jan 5 22:19:11 UTC 2007

I would suggest:

Go for a normal deployed web server, you find enough tuturials how to
set that up.
I believe you can have Postfix/Exim for mail transmission, Courier for
IMAP and Squirelmail as a web application. Squirelmail need to be
configured to use IMAP and SMTP. This is a quick pick, there are enough
application left.

However implement the following restrictions:
* Restriction on the domains that the SMTP server will deliver for. Such
things would be possible with Postfix using sender_restrictions and
receipient_restrictions parameters.
* Make the SMTP server invisible from the rest of the world (not in the
public DNS, but you own internal domain only, like mycompany.local or
have a split DNS).
* You can use a firewall, which prevent unintentional communication
(iptables/netfilter comes to mind).
* Test, test, test and correct mistakes. Thing of a few scenario's (20
probably) of things that you want to prevent. Monitor you server queues
and ensure you server rejects (never accepts) unwanted e-mail traffic.

You will find enough information for such setup and can easy get people
to help you with these installations.

Other considerations are to keep groupwise, depending on the features
you require. The solution proposed above will not easily support shared
mailboxes, shared calendars and the alike. Notes looks a lot like
Exchange and I have yet to find a feature-equivalent solution on Linux
(maybe Novell/SuSE?).

For support, find tutorials, I'm quite happy here with Exchange and have
used a tutorial to put a Postfix server, with spam filtering, in front.
I never did IMAP/POP3 on anything but Exchange. Google/Yahoo/Community
will help you a lot.

- Joris

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>Dear Joris and Matthew;
>Thanks for your very prompt reply.
>Very sorry for my ignorance and language which confused me and 
>you both.
>Firstly :
>So I need a mail server which is able to communicate with mail 
>clients using "IMAP", while as a mail client any client which 
>supports IMAP (which most of them do) will work.
>Though my preference is to also have web browser based mail 
>access for the users (something like gmail/yahoomail).
>I think some available php modules would do the trick.
>Secondly :
>I need to put ristriction on SMTP communications so that the 
>mail server only communicate with other two mail servers in 
>intranet and no other server.
>So what are the recommendations here.
>Consider me as a novice here who want this thing working where 
>this will be only linux installation while all the other 
>servers and desktops are M$.
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