e-mail server for intranet

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Jan 5 19:01:44 UTC 2007

Matthew Nicholson wrote:

> I think your confused here....
> smtp is how email servers talk to each other,
> as far as sending/receiving to/from these other domains, that will depend
> on your dns setup, and those servers being able to communicate over
> "standard" methods (smtp), which i can only assume they can do.

Strictly speaking, for internal network purposes you can do mail delivery
without SMTP.  For instance, KMail would happily use an MDA to drop mail
into an IMAP server's maildirs.  Of course, the options KMail gives you
are "SMTP" or "Sendmail" (though any MDA could be specified here), and if
you actually used Sendmail you might as well have SMTP...  I'm sure many
other mail programs could do the same - in fact, I remember years ago, when
I used to frequent the Exim mailing list, that the Unix hardheads would
insist that it was improper to have a mail client EVER deliver mail to an
SMTP port and should always invoke a program like sendmail.

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