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Jamie ubuntu at
Thu Jan 4 21:51:41 UTC 2007

There are still a few small (or maybe not so small) reasons that I have
not switched entirely to Ubuntu:

1.   Speed - Windows is consistently faster in Internet access and screen
redraws than Ubuntu is. I am using the Nvidia binary drivers in Ubuntu and
my NIC chows to be running at 100/Full so cannot understand the difference
in speeds of either thing.

2.   Font 'quality' - the rendering of screen fonts in Windows seems a lot
clearer than those in Ubuntu. Given that I spend a *huge* amount of time
looking at my computer screen (19" LCD) this is of importance to me. The
only thing I not of real difference is that for some reason Ubuntu wants
to drive my LCD at 75HZ rather than 60HZ and I have not found any way to
change this as yet - any suggestions appreciated.

3.   DTP - I have quite a number of MS Publisher documents that I'd like
to be able to work on in Ubuntu. Research to this point shows that this is
not possible (without Crossover or Wine to run Publisher in Linux). This I
think is just going to be a "suck it and see" situation, if I can do
everything else I'll just have to recreate to documents in Scribus or

The first two things are the things I'd really like to find solutions to
and anyone who can point me in the right direction to "speed things up"
and "fix my fonts" would be fantastic.


Jamie (ex. Gentoo'er, now an Ubuntu'er)

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