Problem installing Ubuntu 6.10

Larry Shields larry at
Thu Jan 4 17:18:26 UTC 2007

Eamonn Sullivan wrote:
> On 1/4/07, Larry Shields <larry at> wrote:
>>>     Well I have never had a problem like this when trying to install
>>>     anything from my cd-rom drive...But I can not get ubuntu version 6.10
>>>     dvd to boot, yet if I use version 6.06 it boots just fine...
>>>     With the cd in the drive, I can not even view anything what so ever...
> [snip]
>> To answer your question no...I bought the  ubuntu 6.10 dvd from
>> Larry
> Sorry, very silly question, but just checking that the CD-ROM drive
> you are using can read DVDs. It's a DVD reader, not just a CD drive,
> correct? (I'd be very surprised if it wasn't, but just making sure...)
> Do other DVDs work in the drive? If so, it sounds like you might have
> a dud (an incorrectly burned DVD).
> -Eamonn
Hi Eamonn,

I am sure you've nailed on the head, I do NOT have a DVD-ROM drive, only 

I just arrived back from town, and was thinking that it might be due to 
the fact that Ubuntu 6.10 was burned onto a DVD, for which my cd-rom 
drive can not read it...

Wonder why they did that instead of the way version 6.06 came out...???

Looks like I need to buy a reasonably low priced DVD...

Thanks to all that responded back to me problem...


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