Firefox - no "open with" dialog

Tchize tchize at
Thu Jan 4 09:22:25 UTC 2007

edit -> preferences -> content -> file type -> check what is inside pdf
type. If needed just remove the action.
(Note, i noticed that it sometimes happen when an non existing
application is associated with the filetype, with the option "always do it")
En l'instant précis du 01/04/07 03:54, Steven Heimann s'exprimait dans
toute sa noblesse:
> I have a number of computers now running edgy.  On only one of them when
> you click on a link in firefox that points to a file like a pdf you get
> a dialog only asking where to save the file.  There is no option to
> "open with" an application.
> I have been unable to locate an option in about:config to control this
> behaviour.  I can not understand why this computer would behave
> differently to all the others.
> Thanks and regards
> Steven

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