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James R. Jones bnjrj at uaf.edu
Thu Jan 4 01:11:47 UTC 2007

Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
> On 1/3/07, Marius Gedminas <marius at pov.lt> wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 10:40:18AM -0900, James R. Jones wrote:
>>> I just installed ubuntu on a pc, and looking to use it to do X windows
>>> between this system and a red-hat server.  My question is what is the
>>> most popular way of doing this.  Should I use x2x, VNC, or are there
>>> other programs that are better for the redhat server and ubuntu
>>> workstation.
>> Well, what you you mean when you say you want to use it "to do X
>> windows"?
> It's the X Window System (with no ending "s")...

>> Do you want to launch applications on the server and have them open
>> windows on your PC?  Then use SSH X forwarding (ssh -X server app).
What I looking for is the same functionality that rdp gives when going 
from PC to windows server.

I have a two linux systems one a client the other a server and I want to 
open functioning desktop on the client which allows me to work on the 
server.  What I trying to understand what is the best practice for doing 
this type of operation today.  Years ago, unix systems,  I would  open 
up xterm use the Xhost, set the Display, and then run Xsession,  but 
this does not seem to work from the Ubuntu system.

> This is how I sporadically run applications on remote systems, but the
> performance is worse than using VNC and even more worse than using
> NX/FreeNX. Thus, I would only recommend using SSH X11 forwarding for
> running a single X11 client over a broadband, fast connection for a
> short period of time.
>> Do you want to use a single mouse and keyboard to control two machines,
>> both of them running X on separate monitors, situated side by side?
>> Then use x2x.
> I tend to prefer Synergy since it's cross platform (it supports Mac OS
> X, Windows, Linux and maybe others). However, since Synergy is also
> insecure, I always tunnel it over a SSH connection.
>> Do you want to connect to a remote desktop over the network, control it,
>> and be able to disconnect without stopping the running applications
>> there?  Then use VNC.
> VNC is painfully slow and insecure (unless encapsulated inside a SSH
> tunnel).  NX/FreeNX offers the same kind of functionality and it
> performs far better on any kind of connection. Since NX/FreeNX works
> over SSH and uses differential, smart X11 protocol compression, it's
> more secure and performs much better, even on 64Kbps ISDN links. If
> the remote system is a Windows machine, I would rather use RDP/ICA
> since NX/FreeNX is only supported currently on Linux and Solaris
> (AFAIK).

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