disable - enable flash 9

Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Jan 3 07:44:56 UTC 2007

Dennis Castanos wrote:

> Is there a way to disable - enable flash 9.  My wife likes
> discovery.com I like foxnews.com but will not display video with
> flash 9 installed. Does anyone know how to disable - enable flash 9
> without uninstall-reinstall. Dennis

What web browser are you using? If it's just a matter of enabling and
disabling flash, the Noscript ad on for Firefox allows per-site settings
for plugins, scripting, etc. Opera can be configured the same way out
of the box.

If you need to switch back and forth between different versions of the
flash plugin you might want to investigate whether or not your browser
supports profiles, or can be started with a custom configuration file.

If you and your wife are using different accounts on the same machine,
it may be possible to only install the flash player "locally" for each
account. I'm certain both opera and Firefox can be told where to look
for their plugins, so any settings that point to private locations
won't be seen by the other user.

Or, you could even install completely separate copies of your web
browser in each user's home....

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