How to create the repository "extra CD"

Luis lemsx1 at
Wed Jan 3 05:34:10 UTC 2007

did you try jigdo?

open a terminal and do:
jigdo-lite http://.../ubuntu-cd.jigdo

where ubuntu-cd.jigdo is a file that you can get from any of the ubuntu mirrors:

you might also want to use reprepro, though this is a bit more
involved, to create your own mini repository (using a pool structure)
and then using Nautilus to make a CD out of the resulting folder.

I wrote a script called "repository" that uses reprepro for you. All
you need is a configuration file and then you can hack away: (see download link on top)

cd /home
mkdir -p repository/conf
mkdir -p repository/ubuntu
mkdir -p repository/incoming/edgy

then copy all your .debs inside repository/incoming/ubuntu

create a filed called repository/conf/distributions with:

$> cat debian/conf/distributions
Origin: MyRepository
Label: Ubuntu
Suite: ubuntu-stable
Codename: edgy
Version: 6.10
Architectures: i386 powerpc all source
Components: main multiverse restricted universe
UDebComponents: main multiverse restricted universe
Description: Ubuntu Edgy plus backported
Update: ubuntu security
#SignWith: yes

create a file called ~/.repositoryrc with the following:
$> cat ~/.repositoryrc

When everything is done, you can simply run respository (script) from
anywhere like:

repository add
# which adds all files from incoming/edgy to your pool
# it also adds your own files with .asc files in incoming to your pool
repository remove package_name
# which removes a single package called "package_name" from your pool
repository update
# which updates your repository using your update sources (see man reprepro)

Simple uh? Once you get the hang of it, you can cron the whole thing
(schedule task for those of you with a windows background).


On 1/2/07, Yagnesh Desai <ynd at> wrote:
> With good ammount of efforts and help
> from my friend Jason and Ljl I have downloaded
> quite a few packages in binaries which I could
> install on my offline ubuntu.
> Now that I have got this good amount 350MB of
> deb files in my /home/ynd/debs folder can
> any one help me in how to create a so called
> extra CD from this so that I can just ask
> synaptic to add the CD to the repository and
> install the packages
> > > > >
> Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 17:51:25 -0500
> From: "Jason Ribeiro" <jason.ribeiro at>
> Subject: Re: Downloading binary (.deb) without ubuntu.
> To: "Ubuntu user technical support,     not for general discussions"
>      <ubuntu-users at>
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> <f6b59e2a0612301451p5120b819vddbfa3ff141fd20 at>
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> ljl (a regular on #ubuntu on freenode) is working on
> .  I'm not sure if it's
> finished,
> but you may want to take a look at it.  The difference is it will get
> you dependencies recursively whereas will only
> give you the first level of dependencies.
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