Security and Supported packages

Anthony M Simonelli a.simonelli at
Tue Jan 2 17:57:02 UTC 2007

I have a Debian Sarge server at work that we use as a proxy server
(Squid), an MTA (Postfix) with Spamassassin, and for webmail
(Squirrelmail).  I would like to replace it with an Ubuntu server
because of it's predictable and consistent release cycle with up-to-date
packages that I need like Spamassassin.  I noticed that Squid and
Postfix are in the main repositories but Spamassassin and Squirrelmail
are in the universe repository.

Does this mean that Postfix and Squid will continue to get security
updates throughout the 18 month life-cycle and Spamassassin and
Squirrelmail won't?  This is important because Debian supports all of
their packages with security updates for the entire release and through
the next.

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