Wireless card light indicator on HP nx9030

Derek derekmailbox at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 16:54:57 UTC 2007

Hi, I own an HP nx9030 laptop. I've been using ubuntu 6.06 (it seems to be
few problems with 6.10 and no major changes) for a couple of months now and
it's working great. I have had minor issues which i could solve thanks to
the community effort. One of the lasts things to "fix" is the wireless card
led. In this laptop there is a led in the right-front which indicates if the
wireless card is activated or not. This can be controlled either by a button
or the OS. While it doesn't represents a major issue (the button and the
card are working perfect) this led is quite usefull when you need to know
immediatelly if your wireless card is working or not, such in an aircraft

Any help will be greatly appreciated and welcolmed!

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