connecting my laptop to the internet

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It is a BT Voyager Broadband MODEM as I have a BT Broadband account.
I don't know what the number is as I live on my own and can't see the number 
as I am Blind.
It works on both uSB and Ethernet connections.
Ben who is in a couple of Linux groups I attend in the UK ie the hudlug got 
Mozilla working using my broadband MODEM on his laptop.
I was wanting to know how I could tempoarily use it on my laptop after 
switching it from my Desktop PC as I seem to be having trouble installing 
Ubuntu on my Desktop because of this problem with Grub not installing, Ben 
temporarily installed extra memory as my Desktop is something like 256 MB 
RAM and he removed my hard drive to see if he could get one he was 
temporarily using working on my system in order to sort out dual booting for 
me which explains why I am asking about temporarily hooking up my BT Voyager 
Broadband MODEM to my Compaq which does have Edgy on it which was installed 
by someone else at Hudlug.
Basically I have a situation where i have a desktop PC which I use with the 
Internet as it uses my Broadband connection which is only Windows until I 
can sort out this problem with Grub which Ben one of the more experts of 
Linux at the Hudlug has tried to get sorted out twice, he has been down 
twice so it might not be for a while bbefore we try to dual boot my Desktop 
again and my Laptop which I think is a Compaq Presario 140 runs Edgy but it 
only has a wireless connection which I have set up for Voxbar which is the 
place where Hudlug meets so basically I am limited to what I can do under 
Linux as I can't connect until whenever the next Lug meeting is which is 
normally on the first Monday of each Month only it isn't this January 
because of the New Year.
I was thinking if I could set up my BT Account on my laptop without 
disturbing my information for Voxbar which uses my Ralink wireless card 
which I bought for it I might be able to familiarise myself with Edgy a bit 
more, up date it which it was asking me to do when I first got Edgy 
installed but didn't have time to do it at the last Lug meeting as we tried 
both Desktop and finally Alternative CDs before Edgy would install on it as 
the Edgy Desktop kept crashing at the first part of the install and download 
components I might need ie Speech-Dispatcher, Espeak and Speechd-up for the 
Speakup screenreader so I can have both Orca and Speakup running depending 
on whether I am in a Text or Graphical environment in Ubuntu and also have a 
better voice provided by Espeak rather than Festival which although I can 
cope with it it is not the easyest voice to understand in a noisy 
environment like Voxbar which is sometimes used by students. Festival seems 
to come with Orca by default and I would like to change it to something 
clearer such as Espeak or Dectalk which I bought which are not just both 
clearer but require less system resources to run I think.
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>> I have had a thought about getting my Internet connection tempoarily 
>> working
>> in Ubuntu Edgy until I can get my desktop sorted out with Linux or buy a
>> wireless Router for home use with my BT account and have both desktop and
>> laptop machines networked.
> I am not clear about this:
> Do you have a working broadband internet connection at present at all?
> Is your BT account a broadband one?
> Why do you have to await getting your desktop machine sorted out?
>> Is there a way of connecting my laptop using my BT Voyager Broadband 
> is this the modem which was supplied with the BT broadband account?
> Does this modem have the *choice* of connection to the PC
> a) via usb cable and/or
> b) ethernet cable
> it is easy to get connected via (b) although often a little more
> difficult (for beginners) via (a)
> What is the type number of the modem?
>> which someone at one of the Linux groups I attend did manage to get 
>> working
>> on his laptop as he was able to access the web with it
> This person would be a good one to ask! - are you in contact with the
> LUG via a mailing list?
>> which I normally use
>> for my desktop machine
> [...]
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