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Peter Garrett wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Jan 2007 09:32:24 -0700
> "Mike Mikkelsen" <raindancer21 at> wrote:
>> Everything
>> works fine, except that the new D-Link DGE-530T gigabit NIC I installed in
>> the box doesn't seem to want to connect at 1Gb/s, it will only connect at
>> 100Mbit.  There's a Linux driver that comes with the card, but the
>> instructions for installing it are pretty much limited to, "merge it into
>> the Kernel and recompile".  Which I have not the faintest clue how to do,
>> and frankly, it seems like doing that would be more trouble than it's worth
>> to me.
> Depending on how well the stock kernel supports the NIC, the supplied
> driver might not be necessary. To see what the kernel has set for the
> card, you can run
[Snipped lots of really good, technical information: kudos!]

One more thing to consider is the transmission line. Yeah, it's possible
there's a software reason it's not kicking into full speed mode, and I
believe you can tell it to go 1g anyway, but also be aware that if your
line, connectors, and the machine to which you connect is at 100m or
(perish the thought) 10m, your 1G card will stay in second gear. And
you'll need 1g hubs, too.

At a lumberyard at which I used to work, they were using twisted-pair
that once hauled the phone line traffic.  All the infrastructure there
was less-than-perfect.  Inside the IT office, those 100-base-T
connections were fine, but along the way those phone lines went to a
punch-down board and that caused the network cards in the workstations
to spend most of their time at 10m.

Don't forget what was in the other post; those are *the* tools to let
you see what's going on, but make sure the rest of your network's ready
to deal with the higher speed, too. (The cable modem, etc won't be.)

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