IDE disks plus SCSI tape drive

Walter Mautner leafno.20.eatallspam at
Mon Jan 1 20:00:01 UTC 2007

liy12 at wrote:

> I just tried it, expecting to see a /dev/st0 after reboot, but
> did not see it.  I am inclined to reinstall 6.10 from the CD.
> Both dmesg and lspci showed that the Adaptec
> card was detected (see the excerpt of dmesg below).  But I
> couldn't find a suitable device name under /dev/.

Try a "modprobe aic7xxx" and a "modprobe st". You may need to figure out
where to place these calls (etc/modules* comes to my mind, but I am no
debian user) to get them executed every startup.
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