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When you open the images, you get no display in the "Monitor 1" window? 
But does the application remain operational?

Or do you get a crash? (And some possible diagnostic message...) ;)


norman wrote:
> Gilles
> < snip >
>>> Let us be sure we are not talking at cross purposes. The application
>>> starts by providing three windows on the monitor, one wide one and two
>>> square ones above the wide one, side by side. Now, start Build filelist
>>> and select some .jpg files from img folder in AstroStack3LE folder. I
>>> believe an image should appear in window marked Monitor 1. Do you get
>>> this because I do not?
>> I did. Selected images 597-613... and I get a nice image (probably
>> Jupiter) in the Monitor 1 and 2 windows.
> That's great, just what you should get. I refreshed my memory by running
> my old machine. For the record it's mars.
>> Ca you try something else also? Create yourself a completely new user
>> on the system... and try running AstroStack from that user (unzipping
>> it in that user's directory).
> The plot thickens. Did this and again no pictures. I think I must now
> assume that there could be something amiss with my computer. 
> Norman

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