vmware player sudo on edgy ?

Dave S ubuntu at pusspaws.net
Mon Jan 1 08:57:16 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have downloaded and installed vmplayer via  ' vmware-config.pl' Its pretty 
amazing :)

Only query is that I have to start vmware with

sudo /usr/bin/vmplayer

Googling around apparently vmplayer is supposed to be run as a normal user. I 
am all for that but I get

dave at dave-comp:~/vmware-player-distrib$ /usr/bin/vmplayer
bash: /usr/bin/vmplayer: Permission denied
dave at dave-comp:~/vmware-player-distrib$

I tried chmod +x ing it but then I get permission denied on more files. How do 
you guys start vmplayer on edgy ? Does anyone know a fix ?


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