Scott Sweeny ssweeny at
Fri Feb 23 20:20:15 UTC 2007

>  What's up, Scott.
>  I wasn't on the web at all. I happened to be using Mozilla Sunbird
> calendar. I don't know if that had anything to do with that message box from
> Netscape, or not. I wasn't directly trying to access the web. Really weird!
> It's almost like they wanted to setup a file of some kind, on my machine to
> send them error logs. (???)
>  --
> Rick D.

Hey Rick,
A couple more questions:
1. Was Sunbird by any chance crashing or producing an error that you know of?
2. Have you ever had official (branded) Netscape software installed on
that machine?

This sounds like some sort of crash recovery system.  If the dialog
pops up again, maybe a screenshot or exact quote of the text could
help too.  Or maybe if you could try and reproduce it intentionally.


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