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    I'm running Dapper. No fiddling around, no tarballs, everything from
a repo, everything at the top of the releases from the repos. Yet some
things have just _never_ worked in Linux, and I'm scratching my head as
to why:

    I'm on the net; Firefox these days. I grab a link that says "Listen
Live" into Rhythmbox. I can't drag and drop, I have to open a terminal,
cut-n-paste the text into the playlist on RB. I've used Linux since
Redhat 4.0, and I've always had to do this.

    Again in Firefox, I visit a site that has the RSS button. I put it
on the toolbar, so I can get the headlines like I do for SlashDot. But
what winds up there is a single bookmark to the XML page, defining the
headlines (if you actually LIKE to hunt for the news in all that XML.)

   Now, Linux cut-n-paste with three mouse buttons is superb. No
remembering arcane key combinations each for cut, paste, etc. But after
all these years, why don't (at least) the two situations work as you
might expect?

   The same has been exhibited using Galeon, Netscape, XMMS, and all
kinds of other applications.  Why doesn't it work?  Does it work for
anyone else?

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