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Clive Menzies clive at
Sun Feb 4 20:52:01 UTC 2007

On (04/02/07 15:06), Paul Kaplan wrote:
> On Sunday 04 February 2007 1:30:40 pm Clive Menzies wrote:
> > On (04/02/07 11:04), Paul Kaplan wrote:
> > > Can anyone point me to explicit directions for remotely
> > > controlling/administering an XP box from edgy?
> > > What software do I use on edgy?  How do I configure XP?
> > > Also, same three questions about remote access to/from another edgy box?
> >
> > Download VNC Server from (free version); install
> > and configure VNC server with a password.
> >
> > Install xvncviewer on your Ubuntu box; launch xvncviewer, type in IP
> > address of XP box and password and away you go :)
> >
> How do I get the IP address for a box that's behind a firewall on a LAN?
> P

Ah! this may be a little more tricky.  Do you have control of the
firewall?  Where we are doing this remotely, we either set up a LAN to
LAN VPN or remote dial-up VPN.

Without knowing much about the setup (where the XP box is) it is
difficult to advise.  An alternative is to assign a public IP address to
the XP box with NAT translation on your router.  This is a bit out of my
depth... someone else may have a better suggestion.



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