sudo apt-get -s install msttcorefonts

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Aug 31 23:40:44 UTC 2007

Charlie Kravetz wrote:

> Does anyone else see the missing multiverse? If you do a clean install
> of Dapper using the alternative 6.06.1 cd download, the sources.list
> does not have multiverse as noted. It is in backports only. Is this
> intentional, or is it an oversight that a bug report should be submitted
> on? If you run an automatically generated sources.list through
> , then you will have multiverse
> enabled. Otherwise, your list is missing multiverse and you will not
> have access to many of the programs and files that you are told you
> shold.
> That seems to be the root of the problem the led to this OP being told
> he did not have the right repostitories enabled, and others being told
> the same thing in this list. Reality is, they did exactly what they were
> told, but the chances of being able to complete the steps were
> impossible.
> Is this a bug? If it is, I will file the report, since I failed to find
> it in the bug reports.

I _believe_ it's Ubuntu policy.  Multiverse contains non-free software, and
as such it isn't strictly part of the Ubuntu distribution.  I doubt a bug
report saying that it should simply be enabled would be accepted, but I'm
not sure that it shouldn't be acceptable for the distributed sources.list
to include multiverse as a comment, with instructions for enabling it.

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