Postfix, Mutt And No Root Mail?

Hal Burgiss hal at
Thu Aug 30 22:19:07 UTC 2007

> > 
> >     Edit /etc/aliases to add:  root:  
> > myname at
> >

> I have in /etc/aliases "root: <username>" but no email
> address. I know myname is bound to be my username
> because that's who root mail goes to.  What about
> ""? Is that to be literal or just what?


The aliases file can redirect mail to either a local system account,
or any legit remote account, like ...

 root: leonard

for a local account, or like ... 

 root: lenc5570 at

for a non-local account. Either works fine just depending on where you
want it to go. It just catches any mail destined for the local 'root'
account and redirects. 

After changing that, you need to run ... 

 sudo postmap /etc/aliases   (assuming that is the right file and

 sudo postfix reload

You could have also used the virtual user table to do essentially the
same thing, but this method is easier IMO for simple local mail


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