Partitioning, FSTAB, Mount Points ???? Newbie

melissa melissad at
Thu Aug 30 17:33:58 UTC 2007

I have four SATA drives.  Formerly, they mounted with /export
and /archives, but now << mount >> says they do not exist.  I can see
the drives as volumes in the native file browser, but cannot rename
them.  If I mount them (right click from the left side window), they
mount, but nothing appears in them and I cannot copy or save to them,
even as sudo.  Reason:  I don't have a mount point name appearing
in /etc/fstab or in the browser.  

I am at a loss for chown from the terminal as these mount points are not
recognized ("disk" and "disk1").  I have been, I guess, spoiled by
SuSE's YaST.


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