Installation Assistance (Multiple CD Verification Failures)

Christopher Burke chris.burke at
Thu Aug 30 15:41:46 UTC 2007

Thanks for the quick response, Tony.  

I forgot to mention in my overly elaborate description that I WAS able to
install Windows XP Pro on that machine using the CD install (really just to
verify that I could install SOMETHING).

Rather than a defective CD drive, is it possible the drive is simply not
compatible with Ubuntu?  Are you aware of any HCL's against which I could
compare the drive?

OR... is there a way to install Ubuntu without using a CD?  Reason being...
this is the only server I have with a slim-line CD.  I can replace it, but
I'd have to buy one, and that may not solve the problem.

Again, thanks.

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On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 11:25 -0400, Christopher Burke wrote:
> OK. I've got 4 older (3 - 5 years) Dell PowerEdge Servers (a 4400, two
> 2400's, and a 2500). Xubuntu Command-Line Server Feisty Fawn has been
> installed on all of them except the 2500, and I was hoping to describe
> the symptoms publicly in hopes of getting assistance from the
> community (this is the final step prior to launching the server over
> Niagara Falls).
> Installation on the 2500 has failed in seemingly in random locations,
> and I've tried 4 different CD's:
>       * Feisty Fawn [Normal Installation CD] 
>       * Xubuntu [Alt. Install CD] v. 6.06 Server Install 
>       * Xubuntu [Alt. Install CD] v. 7.04 Command-Line System Install 
>       * Xubuntu [Alt. Install CD] v. 7.04 Command-Line System Install
>         (Slower Burn Speed) 
> But rather than posting the various installation errors, I thought I'd
> isolate this request to solving the fact that all 4 CD's fail
> verification on the 2500. Each fails in a different location, and all
> failures are associated with the repeated message "Buffer I/O error on
> device sr0, logical block <contiguous numbers>". The excitement ends
> with a red screen explaining that the CD failed MD5 verification.
> Conversely, ALL 4 CD's have been successfully verified on one of the
> other servers, and all 4 have been successfully installed on OTHER
> servers.
> As I said, though, I am just trying to get Ubuntu installed on this
> fourth and final server, but would have to assume that solving the
> verification failure would lead to a firm diagnosis and (ultimately)
> success. My assumption, of course, is that some device on the 2500 is
> causing the problem, but I just don't know how to get to the bottom of
> it. So my questions are as follows:
>      1. What would cause a failure in the MD5 verification other than
>         a defective CD? 

Sounds to me like a defective drive, given your symptoms. Is it possible
to replace the drive?

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