Fwd: hp dv9540 laptop second harddrive not detected

Niels Larsen bqz69 at telia.com
Wed Aug 29 23:50:49 UTC 2007

> If per chance your vista setup is like mine, i.e. 2 partitions (main boot
> and a recovery partion) then I found the hard way that booting the recovery
> partition messed up my ability to boot vista at all resulting in having to
> reinstall it and then redoing grub to bring back the dual boot. So if you
> had 2 entries for vista in grub, one is a recovery partion and shouldn't be
> booted from in my experience. I've edited my grub menu to reflect which is
> which. It took a few goes till I worked out which was which and a few
> installations :(
There is only one.

> K then. Sounds like something may have gone wrong during the resizing
> process? U may need to run your recovery cd. If you haven't tried that,
> maybe worth a go
I have none, it should have been created by me during first installation, but 
was messed up, so I wait to get vista help from HP.

By the way, then i have just reinstalled ubuntu, hoping it would help, but now 
I have no connection to 2nd harddisk at all.
(Am contemplating a total reinstall some time in near future!)

> > > The fact that sdb1 shows sometimes and not at others reminds me of a
> > > post I saw when searching a lil while ago. That one ended up being a
> > > bios setting fro the drive. Might I suggest looking at the available
> > > options for it in thrhe bios? Maybe the clue is there
> >
> > I have looked in bios severalt times, but see no options abot settings
> > for the harddisks?

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