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Wed Aug 29 21:22:28 UTC 2007

Christopher Gray wrote:
> Hello:
> I don't seem to have a file called inittab anywhere on my hard disk.  Can 
> somebody point me toward documentation on how Ubuntu does things like set the 
> run level?  I began looking around for this to see how to boot Ubuntu without 
> running Gnome automatically.
> Thank you.
> Chris
Feisty uses upstart and not init anymore. You can see the settings in

The following was written by Peter Garret a couple of months ago on this
"On Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu, X runs in runlevel 2 , and
there is no distinction between this and running without X.

There are several ways to make the system boot to a tty prompt without
starting X. The most direct way is to edit the file


and comment out the "/usr/sbin/gdm" or equivalent "kdm" line . Substitute
"false" without quotes. You could also simply clobber it with

echo "false" | sudo tee /etc/X11/default-display-manager

Alternatively, if you are sure you will never need gdm/kdm , you can
uninstall either or both.

Good luck

Peter van der Does

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