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Pete Holsberg pjh42 at
Wed Aug 29 20:54:54 UTC 2007

IsomerX keyed the following on 8/29/2007 4:41 PM:
> Niels Larsen wrote:
>> ssh
>> You need both a ssh-client and a ssh-server on each computer.
>> There is ready made packages for ubuntu.
> Try PuTTY for the WinXP machine.

linux [pjh] /home/pjh> pscp
The program 'pscp' is currently not installed.  You can install it by 
sudo apt-get install putty-tools
Make sure you have the 'universe' component enabled
-bash: pscp: command not found
linux [pjh] /home/pjh> sudo apt-get installed putty-tools
E: Invalid operation installed
linux [pjh] /home/pjh>

I'd really like a GUI approach. :-)

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