Local Network Problem

Don Henson wepin-list at wepin.com
Wed Aug 29 14:39:04 UTC 2007

Eberhard Roloff wrote:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
> [...]
>>> dhenson at Mars-laptop:~$ ifconfig
>>> eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:19:B9:76:09:3C
>>>           inet addr:  Bcast: 
>>> wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:19:7E:62:59:16
>>>           inet addr:  Bcast: 
>> Don't use two interfaces with the same IP address. That can't work. Please 
>> note: An IP address defines an interface, not a machine. Probably this is 
>> the reason why your laptop can't talk to anybody.
> exactly!
>>> dhenson at Mars-laptop:~$ cat /etc/hosts
>>> localhost
>>> Earth-svr.site Earth-svr
>>> Venus-ws.site Venus-ws
>>> Mars-laptop.site Mars-laptop [.site] <--this you can delete for reasons of consitency
> Mars-laptop-wlan.site Mars-laptop-wlan
> (I am assuming that you will assign .54 to your Laptop wlan interface, now.
> I am also assuming that you want to get to your laptop via wlan, as
> well. If not, skip this last line)
>>> The original install used DHCP but I am tryng to switch to static.
> If you do not want to use dhcp at all (imho that would easily make your
> mess disappear), then you might use THIS hosts file as a template that
> you can copy to any machine on your network.
>>> My Linksys router/switch has a firewall. I use that and my machines
>>> have their firewalls turned off.
>> I don't see an entry for your router in any of your /etc/hosts files. You 
>> should add a line
>> router.site router
> This does not do any harm, but afaik it is not needed, since the default
> gateway should be stored within your network interface configuration
> (/etc/sysconfig/network/....).
>> to each of the files (I assume it has the address Otherwise 
>> you can't talk to the internet.
> no, what benefit do you get from having a name instead of an ip address
> of your router? Well, it is easier to ping, but this does not make your
> connection to the internet work, if it did not work before, that is.
>> BTW: Why don't you want to use DHCP? It can make life so much easier. If 
>> you just don't want to use the built-in DHCP server of the router you 
>> could install a DHCP server e.g. on your Earth-svr machine.
> well spoken!!! Imho you should think about it
> Eberhard
IIRC, the problem was with setting up DNS. DHCP seems rather
straightforward. Is DNS difficult to set up?

Don Henson

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