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Tue Aug 28 15:19:08 UTC 2007

On 28/08/07, Tipton, Timothy <Timothy.Tipton at> wrote:
> The other option I am considering is to just install Ubuntu from
> scratch, except I have a rather large collection of music that I've
> recently ripped to OGG - and I do not want to lose that - nor do I want
> to have use 15 DVD's to burn them all to - is there a way to install
> over Ubuntu Studio without damaging other data?

Create a new partition for your Ogg data which you want to keep. Move your
files into it. You can then mess about with your installation without coming
anywhere near your ogg files.

To be honest, if your music is that important to you, it should either be
backed up or on a separate partition at the very least.

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