SATA probe problem

Romain Kang romain at
Tue Aug 28 14:46:29 UTC 2007

Problem solved through the BIOS settings.

Under "Integrated Peripherals" -> "MCP Storage Config", there is a
SATA Operation Mode selector.  "IDE" was the initial unreliable
mode.  There was also "RAID", "AHCI", and "Linux AHCI".  I switched
to "Linux AHCI" and everything has been fine since.


On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 04:52:48PM -0700, IsomerX wrote:
> Romain Kang wrote:
> > I've just built a new machine with Feisty (i386):
> > 	AMD X2 4400 (Brisbane)
> > 	Biostar TF7050-M2, 6/01/07 firmware
> > 	2x1G Crucial Ballistix RAM
> > 	SATA1: Seagate ST3300622AS, 300 GB
> > 	SATA2: Samsung HD501LJ, 500 GB
> >
> > The Samsung 500 GB will be the bulk store for MythTV, but it gets
> > correctly detected only about 50% of the system boots.  However,
> > the BIOS correctly finds both hard drives every time I've watched
> > it.  Below are two dmesg examples, first where the Samsung goes
> > missing and the second where it is correctly attached.
> >
> > Is there some module option to libata or sata_nv that can make the
> > initialization more reliable, or perhaps a way to reprobe for attached
> > disks?
> >   
> Did you check for a speed limiting jumper?  There are some SATA2 
> controllers that will not properly recognize a drive speaking SATA1.  
> Also some drives come with a jumper that limits them to speaking SATA1.
> Just a thought.

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