can't scale or clone tiff image using libimage-imlib2-perl

Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Tue Aug 28 01:27:40 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-26-08 at 12:44 +0100, andy baxter wrote:
> I have written a program in perl which scales a collection of panoramic
> tiff images to various different sizes. It was working fine, but
> recently stopped working for no obvious reason. I am using the perl
> wrapper to libimlib2, from the package libimage-imlib2-perl. The program
> works by loading the image into a variable '$img', then using
> 'create_scaled_image' to generate scaled versions of the image at
> several sizes. The text of the program is copied below. I have commented
> out the line which originally scaled the image and replaced it with the
> simpler 'clone' function. Neither version works - i.e whichever line of
> the two I comment out, the program dies when the original image (which
> seems to load OK) is scaled or cloned.
> I have submitted a bug report about this problem.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is holding me up with a
> project I want to get finished. I have tried reinstalling both libimlib2
> and libimage-imlib2-perl, but this doesn't help.
> andy baxter.
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> #

Start with

use strict;
use warnings;

Then explain how it dies...  I quickly hacked up the file structure you
mentioned and it created some jpegs - it didn't 'die'...

I'm using dapper...

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