How do you file a bug against a package that doesn't appear on Launchpad?

marc gmane at
Mon Aug 27 20:11:59 UTC 2007

Luca Dionisi said...
> On 8/27/07, marc <gmane at> wrote:
> >
> > I want to file a bug against the vmware-server package, which doesn't
> > appear on Launchpad. What is the process to have it added?
> Launchpad is just a service that an application developer (or a team)
> might use to track bugs.
> If vmware developers don't use it (this could be why there isn't)
> then search the vmware site for the right way to file the bugs.

Fair enough, but it's the Ubuntu package that fails from the commercial 

Are you saying that the Ubuntu team (Canonical, I guess) are not 
interested in problems with their packages? That would seem odd. But I 
don't know the process in this situation and I'd like to understand what 
it is.

I'm genuinely flummoxed - as, it appears, is everyone else here - about 
what the procedure is in this case.


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