8gb pendrive / FAT 32 partition / booting live ubuntu

Blaž Repas test at bss.si
Mon Aug 27 10:35:43 UTC 2007

Hi all!!

I've got an 8gb usb pendrive and i want to boot live version of ubuntu
of it and it's partition arhitecture is like that:

1. partition: sdb1 6gb FAT32 - data ( winxp XD for work... still on
stupid xp... )
2. partition: sdb2 1gb FAT16 ---- I want to boot of the sdb2 partition...
3. partition: sdb3 1gb ext2-saving configuration, etc.

The whole problem is becouse winxp doesen't recognize other partitions
than sdb1. So I wan't to use 6gb for data and 1 Gb for live boot of
ubuntu. Can the syslinux be configured on the sdb1 that it will boot of
sdb2? Maybe lilo could be...

The other big porblem is that FAT16 partition size is 4gb max ( but i
want to use full capacity of my 8gb pendrive).

thx for all anwsers..

                               Blaž Repas

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