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Matthias Scheer scheer at
Sun Aug 26 11:10:35 UTC 2007

Twaha Daudi schrieb:
> I have problem on how can I access the files located on Windows Xp from Ubuntu Desktop?.I have googled and found this software (  but the link is dead.Is there any other options?.

Ubuntu supports read access to NTFS partitions "out of the box". If the
partition was present at installation time, Ubuntu should have put a
link to it on your Desktop and a mountpoint in /media/XXX (which is not
the case I guess.)

If you only want to read files from the NTFS partition in question, you
have to mount it manually then. All you need comes with the default
installation, you don't have to install additional software.

To write to a NTFS partition, what you want is the ntfs-3g package,
which is an alternate file system driver for ntfs. It depends on fuse,
which makes it possible for userspace drivers to access the hdds in a
low level fashion.

Example: sudo mount -t ntfs(-3g) /dev/[partition to mount] /mnt


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