Killed the desktop with a non existent theme...

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> > Ubuntu 6.10 on a laptop.
> > I installed a metacity theme that does not exist...
> Could you run that by me again?....
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Solved (somehow) :-)

This is how I created the problem:
I went into the theme manager --> customize then selected the icons tab (I
guess) and picked one of the available options in the list.
This made the desktop crash and I remained with only a terminal window.

Ran gconftool-2 and unset the icons theme, but it did not help. Then I unset
some other options in desktop/interface/ and finally after a couple of
reboots I managed to run nautilus but still no panels.
I then reconfigured the gnome-panel and it seems to be ok now, although
a) apparently gnome-theme-manager is not installed
b) I get a strange error of pixmap theme engine not found or something like

Anyway, the GUI is back to life (for the time being...)


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