USB2 tv tuner and older laptop?

Scott Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Sat Aug 25 12:44:26 UTC 2007

I'm getting a Hauppauge 950 USB2 USB tuner and am wondering what people's 
performance of such USB2 tuner devices was like in older machines with USB 
1.0 support, but with USB 2.0 add-on cards (PCI or PCMCIA).

I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 on a Compaq Armada M700, so I would need a USB 2.0 
PCMCIA card on it.  For other people who have also done this, what has the 
tv performance been like?  How truly RAM and processor-dependent is the 
processing from the receiver to the app (myth tv, tvtime, xawth, etc?)

I want to learn if such a setup will work, or if the processing power is 
simply too great and I'll need a newer laptop?



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