Sound ALMOST gone.

cwillu cwillu at
Sat Aug 25 08:04:01 UTC 2007

On 8/25/07, Scott (angrykeyboarder) <geekboy at> wrote:
> It's there. In fact it's constantly there. It's this awful "sputtering"
> sound (I had to turn off the speakers).  At some point some update or
> program that was installed seemed to bring this on and I have no clue
> what to do.
> When I do have the speakers on and play something you can hear it, but
> just barely. It's almost obliterated by the sputtering/popping sound.
> I've got this problem on two different computers running Feisty right
> now. One has onboard sound and the primary one I use has a SoundBlaster
> Audigy card.
> Any ideas?

Same speakers?

Check the mixer to make sure you don't have a feedback situation
happening where the output is being fed back in as an input.

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