Identical Package-list

das দাশ at
Sat Aug 25 07:32:29 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 18:43 -0700, Sundar Nagarajan wrote:
> You should have an identical package list (or close enough).

Your method is really very nice. We were trying to create an uniform and
chosen environment for some machines, mainly keeping in mind young
students. It was exactly the thing that I was searching for. And because
the work is done through the text file ubuntu-files, we can edit and
fine-tune it too. 

Only one thing. Many people like you suggest so many nice system things
here on the list. Do you people apply your Debian experience and skill
here in Ubuntu? What is a good documentation on Ubuntu system? Till now
I could not get any comprehensive one. The ubuntu-guide thing is good,
but mainly the stress is on GUI and packages. Should I better read
Debian Documentation?  

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