install a printer from the command line

David Vincent dvincent at
Sat Aug 25 04:36:59 UTC 2007

Michael R. Head wrote:

> As an alternative to using the GUI, you can use the web interface
> (http://localhost:631) to add printers. 
> See here for details:

awesome - thanks.  i should have found that!!  :)  i ended up solving my 
problem by installing the gnome-cups-manager package and installing the 
printer as if i were in regular ubuntu - no freezing up and the process 
was much quicker.

now i have my epson printer shared and my linux boxes can talk to it and 
print through it however the windows machines cannot - they send their 
job to the printer and it ends up pausing and never printing.  linux 
jobs continue to print.

i'm guessing the problem is the gutenprint driver receiving a datastream 
from the windows driver which it doesn't understand or know how to 
handle - anyone run into a similar problem and find a fix?



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