Another one unable to get Ruby Fast Debugger on Ubuntu

Avi Schwartz ubuntu-users874 at
Fri Aug 24 13:33:16 UTC 2007

Oops, please ignore as I sent the email to the wrong group...  Sorry 
about it.


Avi Schwartz wrote:
> Yesterday someone posted that he was unable to get the Ruby Fast 
> Debugger to work with NB 6.0M10 on Ubuntu.  Sorry I didn't save the 
> message so I had to start a new thread.  I am having the same exact 
> problem.  I was unable to install the debugger from NB because of 
> permission problems on the Gems directory so I followed the instructions 
> in the Wiki and installed the debugger from the command line as root.  I 
> have the native ruby set up rather then jruby but, like the previous 
> poster, I am unable to select the fast debugger since this option is 
> grayed out and the only one available is the classic version.  I assume 
> the same problem must be common to everyone trying to use the fast 
> debugger under Linux because of the permission issue.  Has no one 
> figured out how to get it working, or is everyone using NB on Windows only?

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