Firewire Disk trouble with Feisty-- Bug 134396

Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at
Fri Aug 24 05:07:10 UTC 2007

I've been having problems with external Firewire (ieee1394) disk
drives on a Pentium PC running Feisty. After seeing what looked like a
major drive failure, a second drive (totally different vendor and
cables) has started exhibiting errors, too.

When I moved the first problematic drive to a Dapper PowerPC system,
it worked perfectly well. I copied the data via my LAN from the Dapper
to another Firewire drive on the Feisty machine, though the old drive
continues to fail when connected on the Feisty system.

I filed a bug with details so if you have any knowledge of this sort
of thing, please have a look:

To get back up and running I plan to try using the same drive with
USB... but I prefer Firewire because I believe it's faster.

P.S.: Now that I think of it, I had ANOTHER firewire drive completely
die (suddenly went from running fine to brick) under Feisty about
three months ago, but I figured it was just its time to go. I need to
examine that one with the Dapper system and see if it's recoverable at

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